Saturday, September 24, 2005

Virtual Velvet Rope

Want to comment on a Gawker post? Great, now you can.
...Wait, you mean you're not one of the blogslacker elite? Then why would we care what you have to say?

Well, we really don't. But that shouldn't stop you from expressing yourself anyway (unless that self-expression involves Uggs - then we'll be forced to take action).

After all, why should Denton and his minions have all the fun?

So, here for your entertainment is Gawker Comments for the Hoi Polloi. Over the next day or so, and continuing until Gawker gets wise, unclips the velvet rope and has Bruno step aside to let the rest of us into their snarkparty, we'll be posting links here to Gawker items and leaving the "allow comments" button on "Yes."

Snipe on!


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